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Have a '76 Kawasaki KZ400s that I'm parting out, fulled some stuff I needed for my projects but pretty much all there. Let me know what you need.

Here is the early list of what I have:

Front wheel- with drum brake
Rear wheel
headlight and bucket
engine (complete or parts)
wiring harness
gas cap
inner fenders
swing arm
triple trees
2-into-1 pipe
throttle cables
hand controls
tail light
starter solenoids
fuse box
brake light switches
rear sprocket
rear hub
chain guard
rear brake pedal
side stand
side stand springs
axle adjusters
front and rear pegs
speedo and tach cables
cafecustom720 said:
How much for the carbs and velocity stacks?
Past couple sets of KZ carbs I had sold for 45-60 depending on condition. SO thinking in that range. Was planning on holding onto velocity stacks just cause there different. If you want them with carbs make me an offer.
samsquantch said:
How much for:
all electronics (wiring, etc)
gauges, throttle, cables, controls


Sorry seat and lots of electronics are gone. Harness sale is pending, if it falls through I'll let you know.

gauges (its an S model so only speedo), throttle, cables, controls, 2-into-1
$40 plus shipping for all of it.
OK- here is my parts list-
1975, 1976 KZ400
Frame (no title)-25
front wheel (drum brake)-SOLD
Front drum brake- SOLD
rear wheel-20
rear hub-8
rear axle (2)-4
axle adjusters (2 sets)-5
rear shocks -12
forks (2 sets)- $15 per set
trees (2 sets)-10
handlebars (2)-5
Exhaust- 2-into-1- SOLD
speedometer (2)-7
wiring harness (S Model)-10
Engine Sprocket cover- 10
Stator cover-SOLD
Right side engine cover- SOLD
Motor mount bolts-5
signals (4)-7 per set
Headlight bucket-SOLD
tail light-8
tail light bracket (2)-4
tail light base -3
horn (2)-3
fuse panel (2)-4
hand control- r-6
hand control- l-6
gas cap (2)-5
fender- front-8
fender- rear-8
inner fenders (3)-5
tank (huge dent)-10
swing arm-12
rear frame section-5
brake lever-rear-12
pegs- front (2 sets)-8
pegs- rear (2 sets)-7
muffler- SOLD
exhaust flange (set)-8
chain guard (2)-5
engine-45 (will part out as well)
headlight mounts-10
clutch perch-8
Brake lever perch-SOLD
Throttle cables-4
throttle tube (2)-4
reflectors (6)-3 set
Speedometer cable (3)-4
tach cable (3)-4
brake light failure indicator (5)-2
brake light switch-front (2)=3
turn signal alarm (2)-2
turn signal relay-2
brake light switch- rear (5)-4
front brake T-5
Front brake hose-5
Side stand-5
Side stand spring (2)-2
Inner rear fender ‘75, 76 (3)-5
Starter cover-2
Gauge buckets (4)-2
Front axle-5
Battery box ‘75, 76-5
Gauge bracket (3)-2
Gauge wiring-2
Starter solenoid (3)-5
Indicator light panel-3
Tank rubber mounts set (2)-5
Tail light bracket ‘79-5

1982 KZ305 CSR305
Mufflers (2)-15
Kawasaki front chrome plate-3
Side stand with spring and mount-5
front fender-8
rear fender -8
Inner fender-5
Driver's pegs and brackets-7
Fuse box-4
starter solenoid with rubber holder-4
turn signal relay with rubber holder-2
air box-5
air box rubber boots-4
Tires (front and rear, low miles)-10
Tach with bracket-SOLD
Tach cable-3

All prices OBO, not including shipping.
*will sell everything I have for $240
Sorry im new to the kz...will the gas cap fit my 79s tank? I have no cap so I cant say it looks like the one that should be on it.
dmrhoades said:
Sorry im new to the kz...will the gas cap fit my 79s tank? I have no cap so I cant say it looks like the one that should be on it.
I'm not sure if it will fit or not. You have a picture? we can look and see.
dmrhoades said:
here is a pic of the tank...sorry for the b&W. It seems my car was at one time round.

Sorry, that's different than the earlier caps. Do you have a working cap? If not, sure looks like the cap on my KZ305. I have one for it but its ugly and lock is broken (will open with anything). Its better than nothing, if you need it shoot a few dollars fro shipping and you can have it.
Sold Petcock, front wheel and brake, exhaust, stator and clutch covers.
Still have lots left.
Got 2 months to get it all out (moving) so if anyone wants anything (or all) just make me an offer.
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