KZ400 Parts- complete parts bike worth plus more

$100 for everything i have left. Rather it go to someone who might actually use part than to the local bike junk yard
Just checking to see if you by any chance have an egnition with a set of keys by any chance
Aw crap, I would LOVE to have bought that front wheel. I've got a 440 ltd on the bac burner here and I have been lusting after the drum brake. From today's perspective, that there low-cost 400 is the most collectale and desireable of the breed. You've got the two-into-one pipe, the drum front brake, the wire wheels, the flat seat and the non-peanut gas-tank....

Not like my 440 LTD, I'm thinking that, if nobody out there needs my cast wheels, I'm likely to take 'em in to the aluminum smelter. And that's criminal stuff, so far as my sensibilities toward classic bikes is concerned. What you're talking about there is aluminum that's probably made from melted down Kamikaze plane engines, whereas all of the new shit is made from recycled pop cans. Beer if you're lucky. It all goes to the "soul of the motorcycle" mind-set, it's easier to romantisize the classic Japanese bike for these reasons alone. So melting down wheels, shit. It's just that they're so bloody heavy, and the sizes are pretty goofy as well. I mean, I can see going with a sixteen inch rear just so long as I go with a sixteen inch front too, and use a front tire for an old VFR or some such up there and some kind of low profile radial in the back. But the nineteen, that's the same tire on so many other UJMs it's just gonna have twenty pounds more metal stuffed in that rubber. Oh I'm sure there are most of the girls and some of the guys who like the sound of twenty pounds of hard material stuffed in a rubber. Ha ha. Just not like this wheel right here.

Back to your 400 though, I am for sure interested in the back hub, possibly with or without the plate and shoes. If it's the right year, I could use the 440 parts and save a bit on shipping. But I sure could use the hub whether I need the other bits or not. Just not the rest of the wheel. I plan to replace the spokes and go with a different rim anyway.

I'm in the middle of doing a wire wheel swap on my '82 CB750F, fat alloy rims etc, so I KNOW how much it will cost to finish ha ha. Hell, maybe I'll go with a disc front hu after all. This is a back-burner project and all, but heck maybe I oughtta strike while the iron's hot, right? One thing, if we DO wind up going with the cush drive and brake shoe plate off your bike, could you please un-bolt the sprocket? I sure wouldn't wanna spend on shipping for stuff that just winds up at the scrapper's. Been there, done THAT. Arrgh.

Guess what I'm using from the complete wheels I bought for my DOHC? Yeah, the hubs. Arrgh Arrrrgh.

Oh, and you know what else I could use is the handlbar switch-pots, the clutch perch, headlight bucket and brackets, any hard-ware that's still got a good finish it, the handle-bar clamps and the stalks that go into the top triple, possibly even the whole top triple, and maybe a few other little items if you've got 'em. Let's just see if shipping isn't ridiculous, (maybe there's some kind of flat large box rate with U.S. Post) before I go all crazy and say I'll take the whole bike. After all, I have a spare 440 engine for mine. It's rusted as hell, but good cases for a hot-rod re-build....

For definite sure, I want that hub! Possibly the other parts of the brake and sprocket drive if mine don't fit. I am sure that you'd like to get rid of the most of it, and this will probably add up to a good hundred bucks worth of stuff, but I have to watch the shipping price. So, if you're still willing to sell 'em peice-meal, and I can keep the shipping down to no more than I'm paying for the parts themselves? Shit. I mean, I want the signal lights and all sorts of other shit. The passenger peg pivots and the pins and springs that go with 'em, all sorts of odds and ends, no question about my WANTING them, or being able to use 'em.

It's just that once you cross the border into Canada, you could be right on the other side of the border from me, the distance of a ride on a city bus, and it will still cost five times as much as sending it anywhere in the continental U.S.! So I can't get carried away here.

Maybe even the spoke nipples, maybe even the spokes themselves if they're not completely rusted as fuck, and if you don't mind taking them apart. But hey, I've got spokes from some five other wheels here that I took apart carefully and polished by hand, ha ha. Come to think about it, maybe I already have some spoke nipples that'll work just fine. That is, if I can get a custom set threaded to fit 'em. Maybe somebody will be able to use them in which case I'd keep the sets together, otherwise I'll wind up letting my nephews use 'em for pick-up-sticks. Ha ha. So yeah, if you don't have another use for 'em, then by all means cut them. Damn, you know I "polished" my old spokes a couple months back, then I started looking at more bike-porn while shopping for rims, and then I looked at these "Polished" stainless spokes off of the '77 KZ750b (twin) rear hub and '77 GL1000 gold-wing hub, plus three wheels for the passport, one a spare rear wheel I'd hung onto ... they all look like shit after you've looked at close-up pics of new spokes. And I'd bet that if you hung onto the nipples, the wire spokes themselves would probably be about fifty bucks a set. Doesn't sound half bad. But then, you look into custom fat heavy-duty spokes on the online catalogues, and they sound even better, ha ha. Maybe I can use the gold-wing and KZ nipples on the passport wheels, etc. Any which way, send 'em my way rather than throwing them in the bin! Ha ha.

I was hoping to use the front hub either on my KZ, or better still on my old Passport C70 scooter. Ha ha. That would ROCK. If anybody has some kind of drum front hub that has uses for those two applications, ie bigger than what's on them right now so I can improve stuff without going to a dual disc on the KZ, and damn I'd really like to see the Passport with a brake that's up to fighting back one of them 140cc pit-bike motors, damn that would be awesome. I've got a couple of bucks to spend on this stuff right now, it's not a lot but you have no idea how rare that is. Ha ha. These hubs for my 750 are the only parts I've bought for it in the past five years. With no money and nothing but time for that project, I've just been stripping parts and polishing everything by hand. Just sayin', it's not like I can snap up every damned part that's out there, but I'm properly motivated, such that while I wanna finish this 750 I don't want my other projects to take just as long as it did. Ha ha. I don't think I'd LIVE that long....

Oh, and by the way, I DO have an ignition with a key, someplace. I was gonna use it but I'd rather use a little switch off a Honda dirt-bike or scooter, with the under-tank bracket, etc. Last thing you wanna have dangling in your face while you're riding is your key-chain with your house keys and your work keys and shit on it, you know what I mean? Ha ha.

Anyway, please find some idea of the shipping weight and get back to me, okay? Thanks.

Speaking of the keys. I've got a tank, ignition, helmet lock etc, and one key. But what I am curious about, is whether the tank could have another cap put on, an old screw type cap without a lock? I'd file and fill the rest of the lock cap's features. Just curious, if anybody's ever done it. OR, a tank swap on the 440 ltd frame. I like the idea of a tank off a two stroke triple or twin. 400, 500, H2-750 etc. They're longer and more interestingly shaped. The tank I've got is in great shape other than paint, but I'd still rather go with one of these regular 400 standard tanks, hell even with the dent! I like the shape. Maybe, if I tilt the standard tank forward, raise the rear end of it, lift the rear of the bike and drop the front to change the stance, maybe then it would have a big old bubble in the top where you couldn't fill it, but it would have the right line on top of the tank, for a little cafe dirt bike thing....

I really would like that hub, at the very least!

GOD! I LOOK AT THE ONE SENTENCE I WROTE AND HOW ILITARATE I REALLY AM.. Then this guy comes out and writes you a novel! lmao Thanks for the response.. Shakes spear make sure u post a copy of your novel when your done with your master piece!!
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