lets see your small cafe's and mopeds

Fount this site recently: http://tomahawktuning.wordpress.com/
And not to mention this low speed fun: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJfJiqrneTg
Check it out and laugh your ass off! ;D
My 81 passport 780 miles


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You can play a bit more with this lighter bikes,its worth taking some more risk to get the grinfactor due to how cheap this stuff often is to build......
And it sure as hell is a shitload of fun!
Are Passport and Cub the same bikes but in different locations of the world??
Them scoots are bulletproof.
I ran a cub on moonshine and frying oil (when the engine was hot only)
my 76 GT 185 i used to have just done with bits lying around. hand made alloy side covers and tail, single seat , plastic rear guard. nothing fancy.


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Part of my collection:


from left to right:

1969 Kawasaki G3TR Brat Style build
1965 Honda C100 Trials bike with 125cc motor
1964 Bridgestone BS-7 Cafe Racer
1965 Honda C105 Rat Bike with 140cc motor
1964 Hodaka ACE 90
1964 Yamaha YJ1 with YSR50 motor
1966 Honda S65
1964 Yamaha YG1T
1970 Suzuki AC50
1964 Bridgetone 90 Sport Cafe
1966 Honda C110 LSR Bike
1964 Honda C100
1962 Miyata Miyapeto
1967 Honda CL90 El Guapo (center)

Since that photo was taken, I've also built:

1966 Suzuki K11P

1965 Honda C110 Scrambler

1964 Honda C105 Chopper

My latest project is a self-built frame that will house a Yamaha GT80 engine:

Chris H.
Nice work. Do you have a link to your home made built frame? What sort of jig are you using?

My Honda CB50J compared to my Kawasaki KZ650

I am going to tidy up the CB and use it as my commuter. I have a XL100 engine (that looks exactly the same externally) ready to bolt in to give it more pep :)
I'm interested in hearing more about that custom frame too.

How did ya build it? What swing arm are you using? Front end? Wheels and tires?

I really like that thing. nice and simple.
Looking through this thread makes me want to go on craigslist and find a nice little moped, hahah.
A very old picture from me (on the right with Sepultura shirt) :) and my cousin with our Honda MB's
Blue one is a Honda MB50 with 70cc Malossi cylinder and Black one is a Honda MB80 (mine)
Photo was taken in 1995 or 1996.... 8)

I built this 1970 Honda CT70 up for my wife. It's titled, legal and has a crf50 engine that I built to 88cc with a race head and cam.

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