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Here's wishing all my fellow UK DTT er's a safe outcome to this current crisis.

I would have thought with everyone [ most anyway ] unable to go out and socialise that there would be a flurry of postings from various sheds, garages and workshops up and down the country.

What you all up to ?

Keep safe my friends.
hello beachcomber been doing little bits to my project but with job uncertainty looming decided for the time being to ease of my spending on it so my missis has had me on the diy around the house unfortunately
I am waiting for a left side piston for my Titan and waiting for this mess to end so that I can go back to my buddies place where my BMW is and get it back on the road. In the meantime been working in the yard and fixing things in the house, watching Netflix and also Larry Sanders Show on Youtube (it's pretty funny, if you like dry humour).

Of course, I'm keeping up with all the cool stuff that the DTTers are doing.

Currently classed as a critical worker covering 5 night shifts a week. So no time for anything in the shed.
Spent way longer than ever seems likely at the start of the project tightening the chain on my Royal Enfield (wretched snail cam things and much scrabbling on the floor). Listening to Spotify playlists on cheapo bluetooth speaker-XTC, Psychedelic Furs, Shriekback, Cocteau Twins, Wire, Belly..., whilst snoozing in new hammock in exceptionally quiet garden. The weather has been amazing and lots of things which should be done will have to wait.
All the best, my friends and stay safe.
Essential so working 40-50 a week, although from home mostly so commute is 15 steps to kitchen instead of 20 min drive.
Thanks TJ. Our trucks are delivering more food and med supplies then we ever have. And I'm sourcing more masks/gloves/sanitizer than I ever have.
I haven't been to work since March 26th, and to be totally honest...it's been great, I really do not want to go back. I live in a village, with fields and marshes in all directions, so I bought a racing bike and a mountain bike, and I've been doing some miles to maintain/improve the fitness of my fat 62 year old body...and I really feel it is working slowly but surely, at least I'm as brown as a berry if nothing else ! On the down side, our social lives have gone, and the builder, who was about to start a large extention on my bungalow, and a block built workshop at the foot of the garden, has needless to say, had to be postponed. Sadly, I have done zero work on my bikes, which are in temporary retirement under covers in my back garden, and in a mates workshop. Orders for our Titan products are still dribbling in, and we can service those while adhering to social distancing rules, although, some of the services we use are of course being affected by the current situation.
Once restrictions are lifted, and the workshop is built, I'll be recommissioning both of my T500s, though that's little more than new fuel and a good clean, along with my Kettle cafe.....but the big future project is the rebuild of my son's NC30, which was crashed 10 years ago. I have all new body work for it, and plan to change it from the current Repsol colours, to a Gemini Oils Joey Dunlop replica, which I'm really looking forward to doing...
joey dunlop gemini.jpg
I have to say, I've enjoyed the downtime during this period...a chance to recharge and actually relax, no rushing about trying to do ten things, meeting deadlines...push push, here there and everybloodywhere.
I was running on empty in Jan/Feb, so the March isolation was welcomed.....and, after a 2 week period of recuperation, I'm back to full energy levels....fitness could do with a boost, but...work on the Suzonda has come on a bit which is good.

I keep posting updates...
I live in Michigan the place in the United States with 'the' most stringent lockdown rules in the country. I don't like being under house arrest by Madame Commandant Vitmar. The economy has virtually stopped, not good. Life is risk versus reward, any motorcycle rider understands that. The risk of this covid19 is not worth the destruction of this Nation. It's the politics of fear.
Cheers, 50gary
I know we have mentioned the lack of activity on DOT UK, but have any of you looked at the level of activity in the other regions on the list?.....Seems we are doing pretty well !
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It's a funny old time....restrictions cancelling a whole bunch of events this year. I was due to go to the TT a fortnight Saturday, but now I have to wait another year (at least I have been 30 times before).....and of course the Manx has gone too along with a load of Irish road racing. I was hopeful the Chimay Classic in Belgium might scrape through at the end of July, but no...that's gone too, and I really love that one...it's a superb event, and we always do a few hundred miles of riding our classics through the magnificent Ardennes countryside, on roads the quality of which the UK can only dream of....and, they're empty ! Then there are a few days at the Ace Cafe I like to go to...it's a hundred miles each way for me, and I always ride A roads all the way, including riding right through the centre of London...the Titan's spannies making the tourists jump as I crackle by. There's an event just about every day at the Ace, so there's something for everyone. For me, it's seventies bike day, Suzuki day, and the two stroke event, Blue Haze day. These fall in the second half of the season, so I'm hoping to go to get to one at least....we shall see. So what has everyone else got planned, or hoping to go to?
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