Looking for Xs 360.

DeanJ said:
Here you go:


That is a beautiful build but I am in the market for a mostly stock one.

Powderfinger said:

I am in the Cleveland area.

Powderfinger said:

That is a good option but I already have a good xs parts bike. Thanks however, I might give it some thought if I sell my current kz400 project so I don't have too many bikes floating around. Are these your bikes by chance?
A few more options for ya - not necessarily next door, but if you're up for a roadtrip...



I own one of these but with twin front disc. Super mega ultra lightning rare. Presently restoring the tank and paint for collector plate status here in BC.

All the bikes listed above are what I consider below market value for what this bike will command in the future. The $1700 one is missing nothing and looks unbroken in the rear (seats bust).
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