Media blasting o nthe cheap?


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anyone in the Burgh have any contacts that can hook me up with media blasting of a frame and swingarm for a really cheap price. Being unemployed (and waiting for the senate to approve extension) I have very little in the area of disposable income. I've been sitting here with a torn apart CB500T for almost 2 years now. If I got those parts blasted, I could at least work on painting, and reassembly.

I'd really like to see this bike done some time in this century, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all,
As long as you're not on a schedule I can do it for you. Is it just paint or is there rust & other junk? If you buy the blast media and some pizza/wings for me that'll be good enough.

PM me and we'll work out details.
I can also powdercoat small items. I have a normal size kitchen oven so if it fits I can do it. I could prob do the swingarm (maybe) but no go on the frame, too big.
Ya TJ, I can help out with blasting as well. Matter of fact, you buy the sand and you are more than welcome to come out whenever you want.
Wow, cool...thanks for the offers guys...

so....uh....since I'm obviously not up on these things, what do I need to buy, exactly?

I'm located in Moon Township, which of you are closer?
Something like this would do:

I don't have a blast cabinet so I tend to use a ton of media, the above should be enough. If I had a cabinet it would only take a few pounds. It also depends on what kind of shape the frame and swing arm are in. If it's pretty clean the above stuff is a little rough. If it's mostly paint then you could get soda to clean it and it won't rough up the metal as much.

I live on the hill above Rt 28 and 8, in the Shaler/Etna/Sharpsburg area. Anyhow, let me know if you want to drop it off. I can't tell you when it would get done though, I'm pretty busy over the next couple weeks.
I could do the swing arm, but the cabinet I have access to is too small for the frame. I'm also in the burgh.
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