Mikuni VM32 Carbs - Price Reduction


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I'm selling a set of Mikuni VM32 carbs. They have been used on my bike for about 30 miles. They are in great condition. The only thing is that the choke lever on one of the carbs got bent and has a crack in it. It is still functional, but can be replaced for about $10. The jetting is 190 main and 35 pilot. Comes with the rubber manifolds and steel clamps. $140 shipped CON US. First come first served. Otherwise they are going on eBay.


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Mikuni VM32 Carbs

I'll defer this question to the experts on DTT, but from what I have read, the 32s aren't ideal for a 360, but they can be tuned to work just fine. All Mikunis require proper tuning, however. There is quite a bit of information here on DTT and Hondatwins. Hope that helps.
Re: Mikuni VM32 Carbs

1976cb356 said:
Will these work on a cb360? thanks

WAY to big
30mm is also to big.
stock motor = stock carbs
built motor = 30mm carbs
full race motor = 32mm carbs
pods and cut exhaust = stock carbs

where did you get these carbs?
Re: Mikuni VM32 Carbs

I got them as a kit on eBay. I'm assuming they came from Sudco at some point because they have the Sudco sticker on both of them.
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