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other than the two from bike exif, any tips, trick, articles or iPhone add-ons and apps that you would recommend for some good pictures?

I don't have a DSLR and don't have the $$ for one. I have seen some very good car pics from iPhones posted, but mine always seem to look like crap. Maybe it is because I have no clue how to take a picture or how to tweak one later?

Any of the add on lenses for a phone worth it? Looking to go find some nice backgrounds this weekend and take some pics of my bike now that it is on the road.


other than
For an editing app give Snapseed a try. Very easy to use and really helps clean up the pictures. Its like a mini Photoshop for your phone. I finally got a phone with a decent camera and have been trying it out lately, last phone sucked.
Just started playing with Snapspeed. Interesting! :D
Photo edited using Snapseed

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Rusnak_322 said:
I tried Lightroom


But I don't have an eye for this, it never looks better or worse, just different.

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I think it looks good

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