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Mr.E said:
Funny you mention that... I'm actually messing with some grooved handles at the moment

I've seen grooved handles where rubber O-rings were rolled into the grooves.
Just wanted to say that I bought one of the stainless pens as a Christmas gift for my dad this year. He loved it and uses it every day. The craftsmanship is evident and the pen has a great weight to it. I'll be buying one for myself next. Keep up the good work E!

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I love mine. I picked up an aluminum version over a year ago, and it still looks and performs like new. My Boss bought a brass version not long after I did. It ended up under water for a couple days when Baton Rouge flooded a few of months ago. He disassembled it, cleaned the grit/grime out of it, installed a new ink cartridge, and is using it again with no issues.
Awesome product ;)

AND, it's sturdy enough to be used as a weapon (Kubotan) ;D
Thanks for the kind words everyone! I hope to be back to making pens and bottle openers pretty soon. Been on a hiatus fixing the house damage and improving things after the break in. But I can see light at the end of the tunnel coming up. Just hope it's not a train... I do have a few pens on the shelf, and openers too. And some titanium pens about 75% done too. Some stainless too, just can't locate them at the moment.
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