my 1969 cb350 build thread (slow process)

Alright, I have not really done much, got some l.e.d.s for the blinkers and have to get a low voltage flasher relay apparently. I'm thinking of changing the color of the tank. I like it, but it is too stockish for me now haha. I might just keep it until I can afford to do it with a gun rather than can, but it will only cost ten bucks to spray again. we will see though. also, I find a website called that has most things dime has, but cheaper.
curby said:
Get your flasher relay from autozone. $6

This won't work. The 6 dollar ones are thermal. The one you want is a (some letter)36 and its 12.99 from autozone
I'm going to go get one tomorrow. Ifigured I wou have to find an electronic one. Do you guys think mytank would look good solid white with black emblems? or perhaps witha black stripe? just trying to make it look better with the satin paint. What are your thoughts? remember it is just temporary and cheap, so it's nota big deal.
Mine is electronic. Here is the one I have and works perfectly.
Well if you can get it for 6 bucks get it for 6 bucks haha
I got the same flasher for 7.50 @ AutoZone. any, I ran into a problem. I noticed the club cable was long soI decided t reroute it. while I was reattaching the cable it was pretty right and I pulled and I heard a snap. Now I cannot adjust the cable(feels engaged) and when I attempt to kick the engine over it is free, as in not grabbing. I haven't taken the clutch cover off yet because there it's a stripped screw. Any ideas what out could be? Any help would be appreciated.
scratch that, I figured it out. Found my extractor set and the screw came right out. Once I looked inside, I realized I had out too tight and it snapped out of place causing it to be engaged constantly.
Oh and an fyi, I got a new job at Coyne Powerssports in Banning CA, so if you be any parts that I may have/can order, come in and ask for Mike Gonzalez. Give it a few of course, cannot be giving discounts my first day haha.
Small update. I have been really busy with work since starting, so I have not had much time to do much.

What I have done since last update:
-Shave seat foam(still don't care for the width, eventually going to get another seat)
-Install shorty levers(pretty much dirt bike levers, but they look nice and simple and are comfortable)
-New fancy looking grips
-Bar end mirrors
-Fabbed up some mounts for my taillight(not running a fender and will eventually change it when i get a new seat)

Will post pictures when I get the time.
So I am yet to take pictures that i like due to my work area being small and dimly lit. I can't get a decent picture. Also, I really like my short levers, but they look a little funky with the big stock controls, so i think my next buy is going to be smaller controls.

Another thing, I bought a headlight bracket from mc enterprises and when I put it on it makes the headlight stick waaay out in front. I am going to try to flip them upside down and give that a go, but if that doesn't work I have no clue what I am going to do to fill the space. I know the speedo and tach will take up some room, but I think there will still be a large gap. I am thinking of putting a leather tool bag there just for space fulfillment(and i kind of like the old school army vibe it gives).

Overall, I am not the happiest with the way everything is turning out. Maybe when I get to ride it things will change. What do you guys do when/if you feel this way?
I try to take a break from it for at least a few days. It's easy to lose sight of your plan, and to get disappointed with how something is looking compared to how it was in your mind's eye. After a little hiatus sometimes it's easier to look again and see if you're being too hard on yourself or if your vision's coming together.
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