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Here's my project i've been working on over the winter and spring. She's almost done. Just need to put the carbs on and button up a few things. She's got a ducati 748 rear and a cbr front with 900 cams. I can't wait to ride her!


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Thanks djmaynard! It's a 79 motor that I rebuilt and put in a 1980 frame. Had some bent exhaust valves. I decided to go with a 1980 frame because it has a slightly beefier swingarm pivot. Wanted a little more support for the rear.
Thanks guys! jag767 only modification was to the subframe. The geometry wasn’t changed.
Didn’t really have one, I got pics I was just so busy with work and the project I never got it going. :-\
Rearsets are from a 2001 Yamaha R1 and the exhaust is a cycle-x 4-2-1. They sell the can separately.
Here’s an updated pic.


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I gotta say, I don't really dig DOHC Hondas, and I don't really like bobbers, but your bike looks pretty damn nice.

Especially like the way you've adapted the R1 rearsets / gear change rod. Nice ;D
Updates: New rear ohlins spring, Randakk spin on oil filter, and went back to stock clip ons.


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