My lil spanish Bultaco

Mirror on the front axle is definitively, slightly functional.... :-\
The look is great, but the vision it gives to you is really lot of Vibes, an a good image of your feet! ;D

It's there just because at first I don't wanna put mirrors for a cleaner look of the bike but, U know, here in Spain is obligatory to have at least one...

Now I'm looking for one or two bar-ends mirrors that I think will be nice looking.

The Helmet is bougth with the star, I've just made the stripes with an adhesive tape.
See Ya!
That is one good looking bike. My neighbour has a couple of Bultacos but he uses them for vintage trial riding.
As others have said, that is a very nice looking bike. In particular, I really like the tank and the headlight.

Looks like you've got some beautiful countryside to ride over there, too.
Yeah CBHandle, there is a great countryside here in my region, It's near to the Pyrenees, a mountain area that separet Spain and France. With a lot of old and beauty XII Century villages...
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