My LS650 barhopper


West Tennessee
Some pics I hope...


Taken about 10 months before my stepson wiped out on her. 13.5" Kromewerks apes (got twisted). Stock rear fender (got twisted). Stock tank (got holed). Rebel 450 headlight assembly (flattened). 1950s type rear signals (torn off). Stock tail light assembly (shattered). Oh, yeah, it really is that small. 652ccs but looks like a 250.


Bars inline with the fork tunes don't work for me... The green thing behind it is "Rat Fuck the Wonder Truck" my 1969 D100.


15" Kromewerks apes, pinned in place. 1970s NOS grip set. Aftermarket sidemount 7" headlight and generic ears. 1970-84 FL rear fender. Beehive tail light. 1950s signals. Panhead fender top trim. Semi-rigid bags. BSA or Triumph peg rubbers. The green thing is Gumby, a mid-50s English Ford from the second Austin Powers movie. Has a Coleman cooler built in where the back seat was (1950s cooler was my grandparents'). 1974 Datsun B210 powertrain. Bike is called Pokey.


Tank narrow enough for you? Seat may look like crap but I've done 500 mile days on her.


Yes, the tank is on there. I'm crippled up, narrow and high works for me.

Only bike I ever bought brand new. Oldest to date was a 1920 Harley Davidson fore and aft flat twin, newest was a 2005 VN800 Classic (that tried to kill me). I've had HD, Indian, Henderson, Excelsior, Honda, Yamaha, Rickman, Benelli, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph, BSA, Puch, BMW (worst hunk of junk I ever owned, lasted 2 weeks). Parts are parts, so long as i'm enjoying building them I don't care what it says on the tank. Lisa's 800 Intruder is peeking next to it, my old VN800A Chindii (Navajo for Evil Spirit) is in the background.


Split personality, I fake being smart
cool, it's different.
Good to see you got rid of the stupid 'sausage' sticker on sidepanel.
Good motor, only problem I've heard of is the left main bearing wears, and makes cam chain tensioner fall apart.
the cylinder head plug oil leak is well known and documented (even the late model modified one leaks eventually)



West Tennessee
That one is a 98, side panel just said LS 650. The tank sticker was this hideous art deco rocket ship looking mess... :-X

I actually belong to the online Savage forum. Have since it was in Germany in the late 90s.

Mine has leaked since day one. It's a knock-off of a Brit single, it is expected. What wasn't is a tendency to blow out both fuses at once, with no warning.

I'd take and post some closer to done photos but there are few too many nude pin-up stickers on her for most forums.

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