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Coast to Coast
It's been awhile since I've posted here since I no longer have any 70's vintage bikes. All my three bikes are 90's vintage. Anyway, I've been busy starting a new design and machining shop in my garage.

I have a CNC mill, manual lathe and a 3D printer. Let me know if you have something to design and need made. Let's collaborate and make stuff!


Yuzon DesignWorks
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PS, the link does not work it chops off the Yu.

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Good luck with the new venture. Especially thanks for posting your location on your website. So many leave that off and I sometimes wonder if they are legit. Makes estimating travel or shipping a whole lot easier.
and feel free to hang out here, we don't care what year/make/model your bike(s) is/are. or if you are currently bike less. Just show us cool shit you make and we're happy.
Glad to see you back man. Pretty sure we met at Mid-Ohio a few years back? Glad to see you back on here. This is still the best garage built motorcycle forum in existence IMHO.
Glad to be here again.. Yeah, very likely that we met there. It's an annual trip for me and my boys.
I had my red Monster S2R at the time. I remember now. I told you about how it almost fell off the trailer on the way.
Lots. Theres a good thread called what did you build this week. Its anything someone built. Not bike specific.
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