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Hello to you all

My name is Jasper 57 years old,and this are the bikes i build from scratch, the Kenny Roberts is a Rd350, the Wayne Rainy was/is a
Cagiva Mito, and the Honda is a Nsr 250 with NSR 500 fairing and now by the painter for the Rothmans colors.
After the paint job i post it here for some comments. And then the Nsr is ready for the Track

Greetz from Holland
beautiful bikes, thanks for sharing.
Bitchin bikes. Love that Kenny Roberts RD. Thanks for sharing Jasper.
Absolutely gorgeous! I tried to buy some NSR250 stuff about 2 years ago and hit dead end after dead end. In the US it's a tough road. That isn't to say that I don't appreciated your dedication and hard work, its excellent! There are very few things I love more than the sound and smell of a proper 2t.
Sweet bikes. Rothmans colours are up there with Martini Racing and Gulf...iconic colours that look just a good today as they did 30-40 years ago. Got to be thankful to the tobacco industry for something I guess ;)
Really great looking bunch of bikes. The smooth flowing shape of the Roberts bike, too me that era was the pinnacle of race bike aesthetics. You just can't help but want too ride it.
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