Need a specific '72 CB450 frame measurement


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Hey all. So I'm stretching my swingarm 6 inches and will be shouldering, sleeving and welding the extension. I am hoping someone here has done something like this before and knows the exact ID of the swingarm tubing. I do not have the luxury of being able to chop mine, take the inner diameter measurement and go purchase the appropriate tubing since my moto is my only means of transpo right now. So Hopefully someone out there knows, or has one already cut that they can quickly put calipers to and let me know so that I may get what I need and get to work. I will be doing this all tomorrow (7/21) so theres a bit of a time crunch. I've got everything else set that will be needed once the swingarm is stretched (chain, brake linkage etc etc). So all I need is just the ID of the swingarm tubing.

Thanks in advance.
I have one cut at home, if it's not done before then, I'll get it for you Monday. I'm out of town till then.

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Ah I appreciate it brother, but I'm tackling this tomorrow. everything is is lined up and ready to go, just need this one measurement... This is what I get for waiting until the day of to hit the forums... Googling it is about as effective as asking my mother.....
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