need carb help from all you smart guys


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1 out 4 have the this an I can purchase, make, cover completely? Thanks


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You don't want to just cover them up, the flap opens under vacuum of a running engine to allow some airflow. A solid choke slide mod would be a flood-o-matic conversion.

Looks like on the three of them, you are missing the pin,. spring and choke flap. As you have one complete choke slide, you have a pattern to just make new flaps, pins and find suitable springs with proper tensile strength . If you are less ambitious, it should be easy enough to find those parts as the carbs are quite common. Maybe even a cheap rack for parts in general.

each of the choke slides are an assembly - Kawi part # 16126-1024.
Thanks, I actually have the springs and pins, probably will just make some. I had read someone covered them and it worked good, except it's now a manual choke.
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