Need help, annoying GL1000 problem


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When I bought my 1977 GL1000, it had mismatched rear signals. I decided to get some original matching ones, but still needed the original bolts to attach them to the bike. I ordered a pair from Crescent Moon Cycles, labelled as '75-'77 GL1000 rear signal mounting bolts. I just got them in today, only to find that they are drastically different than the one original bolt that I had. Below is a photo of the 2 bolts. The one on the left is the original bolt I had, the one on the right is a new bolt. I also have a 1976 CB500, and at one time thought I could use it's mounting bolts, but they are also too large.


does anyone know where I could possibly find the original bolts, in the correct size? This is really pissing me off, as it seems that there may have been 2 different sizes for the same model year, and I can't seem to locate the actual one that I need.
what one is the correct one? have you though about just running the other through a die to thread it?
How important is it to you that theyre stock style bolts? A trip to the hardware store could solve your problems pretty quickly...
I'd like to keep them as stock as possible...

the one on the left is the correct bolt, that came off the original signal.
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