never in the history of the world have so many done so much for so little xs650

Brad, I have a 72' version of that bike in my barn. Let me know if you are missing something you just gotta have.
As luck would have it i am missing a few bits ill get a list and pm ya thanks
more shit


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The xs got wired this week end so as soon as i finish the tank its wheelie time thanks to everyone that helped except russ......fuck russ
I wasnt in love with the head light i had so i googled the hell outta the subject and decided to build a number plate thing. im really tring to stick to a period flat track build and head lights are extremly rare on race bike haha so i got drunk looked around the shop and grabbed the first street sign i could find and this happened


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The fucking blood on the light is from me knowing how to party so take notes nancy....
It's lipstick everybody don't let him fool you trying to look like a badass.

Looks slick though I'm thinking something similar for my sr
or 45 bevel the corners,giving it back some semblance of its 8 sided heritage,
no bead grinding, leave them raw ;D
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