New aftermarket connecting rods CB450???????

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Hi guys.

Just beginning a rebuild on a 1974 CB450 Engine. I am looking to replace the con rods. The wrist pin bearing surface in the con rod is scored and I am looking to replace with new? Am I trying to do the impossible? I have tried to find new online, but no luck so far. Just wondering if they are even available aftermarket. What's your experience guys? Thanks.
As far as I know, Honda did not offer crank parts in the US the way they did in some other markets. If it's just the small ends, they can be machined and bushed with a thin wall bush, but the crank will have to be split in all probability.

Many Honda twins of the era had the big end pins forged with the crank wheels and that makes repairs a bit tricky. If the rods absolutley have to be replaced, look through a Pro-X or Hot Rods catalogs and see what other rods might be usable.
Ive found buyee to be a good source of finding hard to get honda parts....It can get pricey, but if you need the parts and there are no other options :)
you will also need to use a Japanese translator to do a decent search
Oh thanks very much indeed guys for the pointers. I will follow up with this advice and post back. I have to go to the trouble of rebuilding the head, and a rebore, so it makes sense to try and source and or repair the con rods. I have heard about the machining and bush approach, seems likely that will be my only path. But we will see. Thanks again guys. Merry Christmas!!!
You have mentioned that the pin end of the crank is scored and perhaps the clearance is a bit high. .0007"-001" would be nice.
There IS a way to this is address this without rod replacement.
Assuming a reasonably priced, good condition, used crank is unavailable, and the rest of you crank is good (mains and rod big ends ok).
It is possible to bronze or copper plate the rod eyes with the crank assembled. The pin end will need to be submerged in the plating tank long enough to build up a layer of "bushing" material. If you look at new rods from many of the Japanese manufacturers they were made that way. Once sufficient material is deposited a small hone can be used to fit the pin. This will only work if the pin end is not hammered out of round too badly. A few scratches are not an issue.
The plating will need to be done one rod at a time, and the crank bagged tightly to prevent any fumes from the plating process from possibly etching exposed bearing surfaces. Many parts can de saved through plating, such as restoring press fits for bearing bores, valve guides, and shafts.

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