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Hi all, I'm new here, been lurking while planning for a cafe build. I currently own 4 bikes but that changes frequently. Right now in the garage is:

1997 Harley Ultra Classic (future bagger project)
1985 Honda Nighthawk 450 (nice original bike with 8K, for the wife)
1981 Suzuki GS450L (was wifes now a cafe project, paid too much and put too much into it to get running)
1975 Yamaha XS500 (stripped to frame for cafe project, might be a restoration now)

I have loved the vintage bikes and cafes for years but have always been on cruisers. I find myself enjoying the vintage bikes more and more everyday, and I can't stop buying them. I look forward to chatting here.

Oh, I'm in Hummelstown, PA (right next to Hershey)
I will get some pics up but I don't really have any good ones right now. I would rather ride than polish and take pictures of them. If I'm not riding or with the family, I working on one. I will dig some up at some point.
Added a 80 GS450S, that is now the cafe project. I was looking for wheels for the L when I found the whole bike. Lucky me.


Here's the Harley from when I bought it
Welcome to DTT Dsmoke! You're already on the GSResources, correct?

Not that it matters, but that GS450 pictured is the "E" model. The "S" model had the quarter fairing and a painted front fender(not chrome). As always, don't hesitate to ask questions.....
The xs500 frame is rad for a cafe racer check out dread rock's sock monkey build......pack a lunch first but check it out and welcome to dtt

please forward all questions to big rich he is one of the smartest guy i know no shit even if your cooking and need advice on a certain spice or a wine to go with chicken to carb setting he is the best and happy to help
If you are having a creamy chicken dish, or something with a bit of 'oomph' to it (chicken curry or a stroganoff perhaps) you cannot go wrong with a voigner wine. The fantastic rich Voigner grape has a rugged fruity earthiness to it which goes fantastically with chicken dishes like this.

Wow, Big Rich is smart, Voigner is one of my go to wines. But I'm more of a beer guy. Thanks for pointing out the E, I was wondering about the fender. Yes, I joined GSResources.

The Sock Monkey build is a beautiful bike and is definitely inspiration for the XS500.
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