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Hey guys I just got my first project it is a 1982 Suzuki GS 450 TX I have made a seat pan but need to cut it out because I want to go a different route with the seat I hate the seat I plan on making it super ratty looking bobber any and all advice is appreciated. I purchased this bike for $100 it is missing a lot of shit like the CDI box the wiring is a mess to say the least and I need blinkers all around all of the brake cables clutch cable throttle cable are stuck so I will need a whole new set of cables in the guy that I bought it from said he put it up to years ago in a barn and it was running it is in pretty rough shape right now but I plan on restoring/Ratting it out this winter I'm in Maine and am going to need cheap parts thanks for reading guys I'm beyond excited for this build

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Proabably the cheapest way to get it done is wait for another $100 GS to come along and snag the parts you need and sell the ones you dont.....but you might be waiting....for awhile............................
I actually am picking one up this weekend for 200 it's in a little bit better shape. There is a wear house about half hour away with hundreds of old bikes hopefully I'll have it running in the next couple weeks

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