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I rode my bike to CVS which is about a mile from my place to get a 6 pack. When I got out i couldn't get my bike to start. I tried the electric start, the kick start and even tried roll starting it. Nothing. So I walked home. It had been 85 miles since I last put gas in and even though I checked the gas level and it looked ok I decided to throw a gas tank in my truck and go back to my bike. I put in the gas and tried starting it again. Still nothing. Thats when I realized I was an idiot. I forgot to turn the kill switch back to the "on" position. I legitimately left my bike and walked home because I forgot to turn it on.

Please tell me I'm not the only one to do something this stupid.
Nothing that bad (an out of gas once before I thought to check the reserve tank, but that was the first time it happened so I wasn't sure what running out of gas felt like). I'd say you're alright, assuming you never make that mistake again. If you do...then thats pretty bad...
Well, I haven't walked all the way home because of that, but I've sweated for 10 minutes trying to start a bike for that reason. :eek:

I shut mine off with the kill switch and leave it that way. It's now part of my start ritual to turn the kill switch to "on". :D
I've owned my bike for almost a month now, kick start only. I was at the post office for about 5 minutes before I figured out I did the same thing. So don't feel too bad!

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Standard operating procedure for me is I always use the igniton switch to shut it off,and the kill switch for any odd issues or maintenance.
I know a guy who walked away from his bike before he put the kickstend down.(No it wasn't me!)
I got someone to knock 1,000 bucks off a car because they couldn't get the check engine light off. If they had read the owner's manual like I did, they would have realized it was the low windshield wiper fluid indicator.

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After work one night, on my first bike, it took me about 10 minutes to figure out why it wouldnt start. Forgot to put it in neutral before turning it off in the morning. Once I figured that out, it would stall every time I tried to get rolling. Finally noticed I still had the kickstand down.
^ Haha. I did that on my brothers r-6 in front on Kroger. Couldn't figure it out for about 10 minutes. These new bikes and their electronics, I guess Im just to use to my old cb.
Weird, this has never been an issue for me. But my brother gets livid when I use the kill switch on his because he forgets a lot. Im sure my day is coming, but so far I've only stalled out at a light cause I forgot to turn the petcock on.
Neutral switch for me, it was so bad I borrowed tools and a meter at the autoparts store I was at to take my seat off and check all connections. Turns out my homemade indicator lights work sometime, and the bike wasn't in neutral.

Kickstand down on an xs400 had my dad sweating it out for 3 hours. Pissed off when I show up, flip the kickstand and away I go.

They call it a learning experience.
I did forgot about that kill switch.. I spent 10 mins trying to start my bike in front of a restaurant with my friends waiting in a car for me to follow them. I wanted to scream when I found out, but i knew they were looking haha. I gave it the "its an old bike" look to them haha.. #feltlikeanidiot
I'm just glad I'm not the only one who has done something like this. I looked down and saw that switch set to off and just thought "oh wtf." after that I barely touched the kick start and It fired right up.

Should have done a burn out that would make me look like less of an idiot. I love dudes who stall out there car at a red light so they start up their car and burn out like that redeems them or something.
It's happened to me; I normally use the ignition to shut her down. So when someone else has ridden the bike, or someone has been fucking with it while parked (a guarantee, in India...everyone feels it's fine to touch, lean on, examine, pull-poke-prod, manipulate, or even sit on anyone's bike parked in public) I have had the same issue.

Also had the kill switch shut off un-noticed during some of the low-speed traffic melees here, and spent a few minutes narrowing my problem down to "electrical," and am about to pull out my spark plug, I've finally noticed the switch was off.

Maybe I should start using it to shut down; this way it will become part of the routine.

So yeah, *I* am the worst motorcyclist ever.
I've not only overlooked the kill switch when starting the bike, but also while riding at 45 mph+ I went to adjust my speedometer and accidentally rubbed my arm over the kill switch. luckily I rolled to the next street, and spent 20 minutes finding out what happened.... ::)
Ive walked away from my bike without putting the kickstand down...... Brand new pipes on it too....

But hey I had just run into an old friend from high school and she was even hotter then I remembered so my mind was kinda occupied ;D
I thought I was the only guy who ever got off his bike without the kickstand down... When everyone was done laughing they helped pick it back up.
Rode my first motorcycle to school the first day after I got it, about 5km out it started to slow down enventually dying with a lod bang, was in a absolute state of panic and anguish so called my insurance company and had them call a flatbed to come pick it up and drive it to the mechanics at once. Took the bus to school and arrived two hours late. Three days later recieved a call from the mechanic.. The bike was out of gas.. Biggest DOH! of my life.. ;)
I bought a CZ 350 from a fella nearly twenty years ago, he told me he had last used it the previous October, but in the spring it wouldn't start, so he was selling it as a non runner for 80 quid with 3000 miles on the clock. He had put the battery back on and was demonstrating that it turned over okay but wouldn't fire, I noticed that the kill switch was in the off position and pointed it out to him, once it was switched on he kicked it over and it started no problem, he still let me have it for 80 quid which I thought was pretty decent as the bike was worth much more as a runner.
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