One for three, or Three for one?


Been Around the Block
Can I do that... been a few years since I've been on here. Working on all three of my running rideable bikes (well they were...) last week it was just project #1 After a late night making bad financial decisions on eBay project #2 was initiated... Project #3 my daily rider was started after a long ride to lunch where someone nicked my sidecovers while I eat, wtf is wrong with people.

Project #1
My baby 1971 BMW R75/5
I'm in the home stretch on this one.
What you've missed.
Motor- 900cc jugs and pistons with gas flowed ported /5 heads matched up to 36mm dellortos carbies and a custom exhaust from retro moto.
Gearbox- rebuilt and left a 4 speed, because they're awesome.
Electrical- m-unit magic, upgraded charging system, lithium ion battery under the gearbox.
Tires- need to order still, just on rollers for now...
Lots of small fab stuff mostly done by Junior at retro
First pic is how it started when I decided to redo it again.


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Project #2
This is a more long term project
Bike is a 1995 R100rt
Junior and myself built it as it sits today in a little less than a week.
First pic is the day I picked it up, second pic about two weeks later (6 afternoons of work and hanging out at retro moto with Junior)
So my late night on eBay... I acquired a few things
Forks- fully adjustable Showa fork off a 2016 gsxr
Rear end- paralever and finaldrive and all the other bits from a 94 r100r mystic.
Swap the mono rear end for the paralever and put a nice 4' wide 17' rim with a nice sticky Pirelli Rossi 111 wrapped around it.
Swap the stock forks using a cognito moto drop triple, also a nice 17' rim up front.
No clip ons will actually be swapping out the current renthals with a taller more pulled back set...
Frame bracing
Drop the stock foot control down and back a hair for ergonomic reasons
New subframe
Performance exhaust and headers
Siebenrock big bore 1070 kit
Heads flowed and opened up for a set of big dellortos and exhaust
Taller fifth gear
Paint motor black
Get peanut style valve covers and possibly older air box (have both already)
Hyperpro rear shock
Obviously redo seat to fit new subframe
A heavy dose of motogadget for good measure

Also this was my wife's bike but she said I could have it for now... we just had our first child and she's not keen on riding at the moment.


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Project #3
My daily rider 2016 Thruxton R
So someone stole my side covers at lunch. Mind blown...
Absolutely not paying any amount to replace them let alone the arm and leg triumph wants.
Rode this bike cross country last summer, great bike!
Air box delete
Build electronics tray to hide everything and open the frame
Black out the wheels
Gets some fancy triumph bits
Add racer fairing


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Inspiration for project #2 comes from diamond atlier and XTR Pepo. I've learned a lot over the last few years, plan is to really step the game up and make a bike in the same league as these guys. Pretty big aspirations but everyone has to have goals.

Main inspiration bike, although mine will favor a more upright seating position.


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The exhaust on that brown/black Airhead is killer man, did you fab it yourself ?
Luugo86 said:
The exhaust on that brown/black Airhead is killer man, did you fab it yourself ?

That would be Junior from Retro moto's work. he mentioned it above. Junior makes art.
eBay scores for project #2 started rolling in today.
Got the paralever final drive, swing arm, and driveshaft.
Now to clean and start measuring for the swap.


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Parts clean for now, they'll end up getting powder coated black before I'm done. Drive shaft in the mail to be rebuilt. Forks should be here any day, going to get the front end sorted before I touch the back.


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Showas for project #2 came in! I'm wondering if they are exactly the same as the legs on my Thruxton. Black would look way better on the triumph...


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Decision time my wife dropped something big on me yesterday and now I have to choose which bike to focus on. My 30th is in a year and a few months change and she wants me to take a few weeks and ride up the coast to British Columbia.

Ideally I would take project #1 but it has a handful of things left to work out and while it's always been super reliable I would trust project #2 more for such a trip at this time.

Project #2 I can do the motor work later but it's still a huge budget project for me to finish and dial in by then. It will probably be the best bike for the trip if I can get it finished.

Project #3 while it has been cross country and is a brand new motorcycle which comes with a certain piece of mind it doesn't even really seem like a contender for this trip.
Took #2 on a 200 mile ride this morning, let her stretch her legs before I cut them off... Started pulling parts off tonight didn't make it as far as I would of liked. Don't have a big enough wrench for the front end. Time to get everything cleaned and sorted in the stay pile and sell pile.

Pic from this mornings ride and tonight's breakdown


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Was in the garage trying to make the electrical tray for project #3 when I got sidetracked... thinking this seat need to be made to work. Started cutting into it and I think it's going to work pretty easily!


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Thanks, it's slow going and my a.d.d. really kicks hard. Was decidedly and happily focusing on project #2... and back on #1 now. Tires ordered, mirrors ordered, and trying to work with this company to get a solution made for the odd sized headlight BMW used...

Need to get the front and rear suspension sorted along with a few other small things and hopefully I'll be riding my baby again.

Also it's stupidly loud was messing about with carbs getting it to idle well, if my neighbors didn't hate me they do now...
Home stretch, she's been around the block a few times. Still lots of little things to work out and tie up.


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Moving on to some small things like making cable holders out of welding wire so I can cut the zip-tie that's been keeping my brake cable from burning on the headers... more than it has.

Here's a real short sound clip

Also working on getting an adapter ring to fit a 5 3/4 jw speaker unit in the headlight bucket.

Finally have matching tires on the bike now too.


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