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So while this is 2 years old, I only became aware of it this month and have used it to my great advantage.

I owned both a Digital Elph S230 and the S1 IS 10x zoom Canon cameras. Both are included in the Canon Service Advisory shown below. In a nutshell, the CCD can fail causing poor image quality in the LCD viewer as well as the resulting picture. Menus continue to display normally.

I sent my S230 in for service under the program. No serial number on the camera (was a sticker that wore off years ago), no proof of purchase. Just put it in a box and shipped it to Mississauga. A week later I got a refurbished SD630 in return :)

Then I decided to send my S1 IS. Tomorrow I will receive my new S5 IS in return 8)

I paid a LOT for these two cameras. The S230 cost me $550 + tax not so many years back, and refurb'd SD630's are selling on eBay etc. for $140. So it's not like Canon is losing their shirts on this program, and the defects are real. A colleague in my office here has an S1 where the image was actually blank, but menus continued to function (i.e. not a problem with the LCD). His camera has been sent in.

Good on Canon for doing this. If you have a camera mentioned in the following list I'd encourage you to scrutinize the image quality. If you're not happy with it, send it in. PM me for more details on the submission process / letter if you like. I didn't call them first - just sent in the cameras.



Service Notice: CCD Image Sensor Advisory (Updated Oct.31, 2006)

It has come to our attention that the vendor-supplied CCD image sensor used in certain Canon digital cameras and digital video camcorders may cause the following malfunction: When the product is used in recording or playback mode, the LCD screen and/or electronic viewfinder may exhibit either a distorted image or no image at all. While reports of this malfunction have been rare in the United States, we have determined that it may occur if the product is exposed to hot and humid environments.

Affected products:
- Camcorders: ZR60, ZR65 MC, ZR70 MC, ZR80, ZR85, ZR90, ELURA 40 MC, ELURA 50
- Digital Cameras A60, A70, A75, A300, A310, S230, SD100, SD110, A40(*), A80(*), A85(*), A95(*), S1 IS(*), S60(*), S200(*), S330(*), S400(*), S410(*), S500(*)
*Models added as of Oct.31, 2006

It has been confirmed that the connecting parts of the internal wiring of the CCD used in affected products may become disconnected, especially if the affected products are stored or used in high-temperature and high-humidity environments. If this occurs, the signal is not output from the CCD normally in Shooting Mode, which may cause a distorted image or the absence of an image. This malfunction can be confirmed on the LCD monitor screen during shooting. The same malfunction also appears on the recorded image.

Canon's Response:
Effective immediately, and regardless of warranty status, Canon will repair, free of charge, the products listed above exhibiting the above-mentioned malfunction if Canon determines that the malfunction is caused by the CCD image sensor.

Canadian residents are kindly directed to contact the Canon Customer Information Centre for further assistance at 1-800-OK CANON. Support hours are Monday thru Friday - 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM (EST). Alternatively, if electronic support is preferred, please send your email using the Contact Us tab above.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by this issue, and appreciate your understanding in this matter. Thank you for your support and patronage of Canon products.
OMG thank you thank you, my S1 IS just started doing this funky thing with the LCD screen. it turns purple and stuff... i thought i was screwed. Thanks for posting this!
You'll get a nice new (or refurbished maybe) S5 for your trouble! Mine is on the way - should have it tomorrow.
Just as an update, I got my brand new in the retail box S5 IS the other day. Kicks ass.

So in summary, for $20 in postage, I changed my old 3MP S230 into a 6MP SD630 and my 3MP S1 into an 8MP S5. Both with new factory warranties as well.

Spent $65 on a 16GB SDHC card for the S5. I had a 2GB for the SD630 laying around and it's plenty for that camera.
Tim said:
Just as an update, I got my brand new in the retail box S5 IS the other day. Kicks ass.

So in summary, for $20 in postage, I changed my old 3MP S230 into a 6MP SD630 and my 3MP S1 into an 8MP S5. Both with new factory warranties as well.

Spent $65 on a 16GB SDHC card for the S5. I had a 2GB for the SD630 laying around and it's plenty for that camera.

I checked the list and scowered the internet but my old Canon ELPH S300 is just not on that list!!... :mad:
See, I bought two cameras on the list because I have precognitive abilities. Comes from lack of sleep.

In fact in my family there are 4 Canon S1 IS's that will all turn into S5's. 2 down and 2 to go.
I just bought a S5 IS the other day when my POS Olympus took a crap. So far I'm extremely pleased with the S5, the few pics I have take have impressed me. Also, the video quality is pretty good.
A buddy of mine just bought an S1 for $100 - it's already on its way to Canon ;) With luck he should get his S5 next week.

I sold my refurbished SD630 that I just got, and picked up a refurb'd SD700IS from BestBuy for the same $$$ :) Nicer camera. 4x optical zoom and Image Stabilization.
i called canon and they told me to mail my camera to one of their repair places, and that they would fix it. Are just saying this and actually replacing them with S5s? I was going to buy a new camera but if it I get an S5 I wont have to. So I hope I get the same deal you did.
Yep - they don't repair them, they replace with newer comparable models. A while back (like a year+) they were replacing S1's with refurb'd S3's, based on forums I've read. Now they seem to be providing brand new S5's. Mine was in a full retail box etc. just like at Best Buy.
According to the link, this is a recall for Canadians. Does this work for US Canon users as well?

Never mind. I found the US link.



So much for the replace-only theory, Tim.

I dropped off my A70 that had the issue a week ago and they repaired it and sent it back. At least the turnaround time was fast. Humbug.
Get it in there quick! You can actually register online and submit the repair request and then ship the camera in.

Or just type up a letter and ship the camera out. Let us know what you end up getting back. Fugue got his A70 back repaired, so who knows what will happen.
Yeah, they have 2 repair centres - Mississauga and Vancouver. I just droppped mine off as it was only a 15 minute detour for me that day. I did call them first though.

I was hoping for a replacement. No Idea what I'm gonna do with the A70 now. It was already replaced with a newer/better Canon camera.
Sent my S1 IS in a week or so ago, got my new S5 IS today. I was really happy until I saw the $95 parking ticket siting on my bike when I went to ride home :mad: :mad: :mad: The repair form says the parts to fix the old one are on back order...so they replaced it. I also asked them to replace it in the letter i sent with the camera.
Congrats on the new camera, but the parking ticket sucks. Where were you parked that you got a $95 ticket?

You'll love the S5. It puts the S1 to shame, especially with the stereo audio on the video function. And it has a macro function which the S1 never had.
So far I love my S5. The super macro setting is perfect for the photography I need to do in school (taking pictures of products)

It was a "no stopping zone". The sign said no parking between 3-7pm. It was 4:00. :-\ But $95 is ridiculous. If it was like $30 I would pay for it, but im not paying $95. So what happens if you dont pay? (this is my first parking ticket... my first month living in a city also.)
Unfortunately there's no getting around a city issued parking ticket. They'll hold up your plate renewal when it comes time to put a sticker on your plate.
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