Philly area meet?

What day works for ya?

  • Saturday April 24

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  • Sunday April 25

    Votes: 2 28.6%
  • Friday April 30

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  • Saturday May 1

    Votes: 2 28.6%
  • Sunday May 2

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  • None of the above

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  • Any of the above

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Threat Level: giggles and sunshine
Anyone up for meeting up at a diner or bar or anywhere else sometime this weekend, or maybe the one after that?
Of course, if you're not from Philly you're welcome. Unless you're VonYinzer.
post up ideas and availability :)
Thats it... Im comin to Philly and kicking some ass. Its going to be ugly. Which Pa West folks want to come with me? We'll stock up on Iron City and some chip chopped ham and take Philly down! And when they ask us why, we'll say, "its Go!s fault..."
we've already established that i can take you :p
Let's just wait and see if both of our hockey teams can finish off our respective series. If Philly takes down NJ, then the Pens will owe all of them at least a few drinks...
Unfortunately all of my bike are in some state of disrepair, hopefully by the end of the month I will have 3 running and legal bikes. I can always ride my bicycle and or cage it for a meet up/chat.
haha it's all good, VonYinzer and i don't have running bikes right now, either. just wanted to meet all of ya!
Has anyone heard of a pub in Northern Liberties that gives you half off if you show up on a bike?
I heard it exists, but forgot the name. Apparently they do pretty good foodie yum yums.

If anyone knows, we should totally go there...
On the first Sunday morning of each month there is a gathering in Ephrata, if anyone is interested.
The Abbaye in NL for Two Wheeled Tuesday is the place but drink specials are only during that event put on by Philadelphia Riders. Lots of euro machinery there for that event. I am picking up the Bonney tommorrow and hope to ride it around a bit this weekend. Woo hoo!
Saturdays are rough for me till after 5. Sundays i am good. Bike is in the middle of a teardown and re calibrate everything sequence. Carbs are now officially the bane of my existence.
Ed, i'd be happy to help ya out with your carbs
Well i really really really appreciate that. I'm giving my self one more hardcore night of re-clean and adjustment. Everything was off on it, timing , tappets, carbs, name it. If it was 2 it'd be no issue but getting 4 synced with no vacuum gauges is silly. I will let you know and if you need help with welding or body work let me know...
OoO body work.. my least favorite part! Hahaha

I still can't believe you live in Sellersville. You realize this town is 1.2 sq miles? We're probably neighbors!
On my way home from work, I'm just going to roll down my windows and start yelling "ED!!!!"... holler back if you hear me
go! said:
On my way home from work, I'm just going to roll down my windows and start yelling "ED!!!!"... holler back if you hear me

lol. I dont get out of here till 5. Im on green street right up the hill from the washington house.
Tonight I'm not off til 830, so I won't be home til 9. I think I know where you live!!
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