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kickstands for early Hondas were rare because there's no frame under the motor to attach them. Honda solved that on some bikes by welding the stand pivot to the footpeg bar that mounts across the bottom of the motor. With rearsets, that bar is not there so I fabricated a cross beam that mounts to both sides of the motor to spread the load.

Back in the day someone offered a stand that bolted to the frame where the footpeg plates bolt on but there were pretty flimsy and tended to fail IIRC. Funny that modern bikes all come with side stands but can't fit center stands because of full fairings etc getting in the way.View attachment 233687View attachment 233688
Thanks guys. Much appreciated. The bike was gifted to me for assisting the PO who lost interest/time and I understand why. The motor wasn't bad, but I had it bored oversize and had teh valves and head machined and rebuilt it, but the chassis wasn't as good as it looked unfortunately. Good news was that we had a pair of spare wheels to replace the bent rims and broken cable abutments, so a few gazillion dollars later the wheels looked good as gold.
Now I need to register it and get some miles on it to shake down any issues that might be hiding in there.


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My first motorcycle, found a cheap 1980 cb125s that had been sitting outside for a few years. Had some rusted tank with heater hose running to the petcock threads, completely clogged carb and hadn't been on the road since 2001.


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Welcome. Not a bad first bike.
Looks like you have had to do a fair bit to get it cleaned up.
Before: and after:

When I picked it up, it was a pile of bits in a couple of boxes. The PO had started work but lots of parts needed to be thrown out including wheels, forks and exhausts which were all way past their use by date. That before pic makes it look much nicer than it was, but they all start somewhere.

Fully rebuilt literally from the ground up. new rims, spokes, brake shoes, bearings, cables, pistons, exhausts, LED lights, SparckMoto solid state regulator/rectifier. Everything rebuilt and/or updated. Electronic ignition, new coil, new switches, frame braced and powder coated. Shortened rear fender, preserving stock rolled edges, indicators added. ALL new cables. Custom tank and seat. Exhaust has a nice deep mellow sound but not too loud. New shocks, rebuilt forks.

Even came up with a custom side (kick) stand and custom kickstarter which clears the custom rearsets, but it starts on first push of the button.

Cables are all stock length to work with OEM high bars and could be shortened to fit whicheve bars a buyer decides to fit. I tried clubman's and straights and found this set of superbike bars to be most comfortable for my back.

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83 nighthawk 650sc bought it 2 days ago and after taking it home i spent about 6 good hours cleaning it with simplegreen, wiping it down good, polishing any chrome or alumim with steel wool, hit it with a buffer real quick (i might repaint it). Next is to get it running better by overhauling the carbs. Whats weird is after washing it it wont even try to start, I think water got into the right handlebar switch?


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Before - pretty ratty 1989 Yamaha tt600
After - slightly less fatty Yamaha tt600

Divides a lot of opinions doing this to a tt rather than an xt but it was only going to lay neglected otherwise.


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