Post a pic of your latest purchase

Okay who can guess what this rare and unusual tool is?


Early production Jungle Carbine in a bubba'ed stock.

Also bought some M95s, no1 mk3, and few other milsurp rifles
I have a thing lately for the M95 straight pull rifle.
Have a long rifle and 5 or 6 carbines. Got my first Budapest marked one two weeks ago.
Looking for a "M" becase it shoots 8mm mauser instead of the super expensive 8x56r, and also want a Bulgarian M95.
Had one of my customers make this for me today.


Wheel spacer for my dual disc conversion. He wouldn't even let me pay him for it.
Back from Honduras to see this waiting for me.. New valve keepers, EBC rear slotted brake pads, and head gaskets from DCC. Steering bearings, front and rear wheel bearings from AllBalls. Lastly, new oil filters, and caliper brake pads for my katana front end.

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I always love getting a bunch of parts at once. It always feels like Christmas, only I'm getting stuff I actually want.
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