powder coat question??


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hey guys never had anything powdered so i was kinda wondering if there is or isnt anything i want or need to ask these guys when i start calling around. also what is the going rate for a frame . also anyone in NE ohio and recomend anyone
Prices vary. Guys specializing in automotive powder-coating will cost more than those who work more for industrial applications. It's basically the same stuff, but the automotive guys may (but not always) do a bit of a better job as they know it's more for looks than for protection (though both are important, of course).

I'm in OR, not OH, but I was quoted $190 for my frame and that included sand-blasting it and cleaning it up prior to application.
JRK5892 should be chiming in any second - he's a professional powdercoater.

The place near me typically charges a lot charge of $150 for prep and one layer of powder. Just make sure that they don't sandblast or paint any critical surfaces (i.e. bearing races, rotor hat faces, swing arm pivot holes, etc. etc.)
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