Print sticker to mask for painting?

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I was wondering if anybody here has some experience with using stickers to mask of an area during painting. I want to paint my gastank in two colors, where one color would be a 'had-written' name. Straight lines can be masked easily, but for more fine work and complex shapes, I was thinking of having the name printed as a sticker and use that to mask of the area. Will it cope with the paints?

I'm using a 1k color coat in a spray can, followed by a 2K clear coat.


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Vinyl works great for that, I did my side covers and a couple of helmets that way. You just want to make sure they aren't super sticky so they don't leave a residue and aren't too hard to remove.


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I used a vinyl cut decal (cut with heavy duty masking material) to mask my XS points cover for a light sandblasting.

Paint would be no problem - I think it's done all the time. Just make sure whoever is cutting the material for you knows what you're using it for.



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There is specific paint mask vinyl made for this. It is low rack so it is easily removable without damaging the substrate. I have a roll of paint mask in stock, if you have a design ready I can cut it for you as well.

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I am thinking of doing this same kind of thing once I am ready to start painting. My sister has a machine called a Cricut that will print pretty much any image uploaded in the right format, SVG I think. I am going to have her print out a few designs on the vinyl sheets and use them as the stencil.

I'll post the success, or failure, of this once I have tested it out.


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You don't want to "print" decals/stickers, you want to use a die cut vinyl as mentioned. I've been using oracle 651 for it's less tacky adhesive if it's a decal being used as a mask that will be removed after paint or powder coating. It the decal is to remain under a clear coat I would use an Oracal 751 or 651. Paint mask is available, but more expensive than vinyl.

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