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Ok guys, I am unemployed, so I wanted to try to unload an old bike...BASKET CASE

I bought a 1976 CB500T about 2 years ago for $500. I broke it down, completely, stripped paint from top of tank, and started stripping from frame as well. I've purchased new, and used parts for it. Unfortunately, I'm now stuck in a holding pattern, since I can't afford to get powder coating done, or engine rebuilt, etc.

Of the parts that are new, I have clubman handlebars, master cylinder rebuild kit, wheel bearings (sucker squeaked something fierce when I was riding it) new clutch cable (old one snapped while riding) I have a complete engine gasket kit (hard to find, for sure). and I think a couple other odds and ends, grips, etc.

Used parts I bought, front end from a CB450, including gauges. Spare seat pan (started making fiberglass cafe seat on original pan, but never finished) . Rear shocks from Noel. 2 sets of CL450 pipes, one with a decent muffler, but both were pretty rusty when I bought them. One set is the 2 piece heat shield, the other is a 1 piece.

To give a history...The bike was in a minor flood...we got about 6 inches of water in our garage...problem is, the engine and other loose parts were on the floor of the garage. we "think" we found most of the bolts, etc, but can't be certain. Wiring harness will pretty much need redone. I was planning on making a new one anyway, so I wasn't really careful with it to begin with.

I'd LIKE to sell the entire thing whole...if you want, part it out yourself. I paid Noel $100 for the shocks alone (they weren't in the garage when it flooded) It has the original 500T tank (with knee dents already in it). there are a few dents that I didn't know about until I stripped off the paint and body filler. One is listed on Fleabay as a buy it now for $92. I've probably bought more than $500 worth of parts for this thing. The frame is identical to a CB450, and believe it or not, just about all parts, except for specific engine components are interchangeable between the 450 and 500T.

The reason I'm deciding to ditch it is because last year, I bought a GL1000 to ride while I was workign on the 500. At the time, I had 2 jobs, so I had extra cash, and dreams of fixing her up. Unfortunately, my first job laid me off 2 months later...bye bye extra cash.

Anyway. I wouldn't be able to ship it. I'm located near the Pittsburgh International Airport.

So...to sum up, a complete (in parts) CB500T WITH TITLE, as well as extra parts...I'd like to just get back my original $500 investment.

Let me know if anyone is interested. I pretty much only have photos of the bike before my son and I went ot wrenching.
Can you post whatever pics you have? And if I remember correctly, you're in Moon, right?
yep, I'm in Moon.

here's what I got:
The bike when it was whole:

the 2 sets of CL pipes:

The CB450 Frond end:

During disassembly:

Most little parts are now in a bucket in my garage. They need cleaned, and some probably replaced. If you're feeling up to it, it could be put back together, with some prep work on all the individual parts. but like I said, it might be a better idea to sell what parts are still good. I was at work when the flash flood hit. My Goldwing was parked outside, and my neighbor helped my wife move it to safety, or else that would have been hit too. What pisses me off is that I had every part lebelled (but not bagged, damnit) and sitting on the floor. when I checked it all the next morning, everything was in a layer of mud.
Swag...I'd rather include them with everything else, simply because the person that's interested in the bike might also be interested in the pipes as well. Both sets are pretty much necessary for a complete set to be made. Headers are decent on both sets, but muffler on one is completely FUBAR (was when I bought them)

However, if the person that buys the bike doesn't want them, then you can try dealing with them.

I've listed this ONLY here, not E-bay, Craigslist, Kijiji, etc. So IF this bunch of metal sells, it will definitely be to someone you'll be able to keep contact with (as long as they approve, anyway)

The thing is...the original exhaust, while in excelent condition would most likely need replaced. The CB500T had a hideous prechamber outside of the front frame rail. I got the CL pipes because I wanted to get rid of that ugliness. CB450 pipes will work as well, if the buyer wants that classic "2 low on each side" look.

As for right now, though, whether the CL pipes get used or not will be 100% up to the person that buys the whole kit and kaboodle.
Tj, what is the extent of the tear down? I mean, was the motor opened up and in pieces when it got flooded?
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