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Edit 7/15 - New pics at the bottom of this page.

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Just finishing up the second rebuild of my RD400. First time around I had an airleak in the motor and it ran away. This time around I fiber glassed a new seat and cleaned up all the loose ends while the motor was out. Just a dial gauge or truck away from getting this thing smoking again.

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Re: RD400 Rebuild Round Two

Thanx Red, I'm really happy with the way it came out and best of all I now have a giant storage compartment under the bump to hold oil for the premix
Re: RD400 Rebuild Round Two

Beautiful bike, looks fun, I'd ride the hell of it. Great job on the seat.
Re: RD400 Rebuild Round Two

Awesome job on the seat, never thought a good cafe seat could be mounted to the stock hinges...well done sir
Re: RD400 Rebuild Round Two

Thanks guys, this bike has been a constant challenge for me, so your kind words mean a lot. Glad I never gave up on the two smoker cause when (almost never) she ran good there was nothing more fun. With the rebuilt crank, electronic iggy and fresh top end hopefully she will be ready for some heavy millage.

FlyinRyan350 said:
Awesome job on the seat, never thought a good cafe seat could be mounted to the stock hinges...well done sir
I can't tell you how many times I went back and forth about grinding the tabs off and hooping the back before powder. The one thing about having an RD is that anytime I ride it, someone will come up to talk to me and have some crazy RD wheelie story. I figured it was best to leave the frame intact in case the value of these go up in the future. As you can see i pretty much made it as narrow as possible, even to the point of glassing over the hinges so they bulge out a little. I'm going to add some bullet turn signals, so hopefully that will make the end of the frame less noticeable.
Re: RD400 Rebuild Round Two

Time for a little update. This bike has always been a work in progress, since posting on here I have ditched the DG pipes and added Moto Carrera pipes, modified the back to kick up with TZmike silencers.

I recently finished a pretty large overhaul while sitting out with a busted knee. I've put about 10k miles since the last motor rebuild so I sent my spare cylinders, heads, and cranks to Chuck in Florida. Got a new tank; set up some vm30's for oil injection; ditched the ert2 for an erv3 chain and new sprockets; replaced the kush bushings; added billet triple tree and woodcraft clip ons; relocated key and headlight switch into the headlight bucket; resurfaced the rear rotor and replaced hardware, waiting on the spacer to set up the r1 front brake; and a bunch of other stuff i can't think of.

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Super clean bike, darkhorse. Forgive my ignorance, but what is the purpose of "cutting" the heads?
Thanks Suthern! On a two stroke you cut the heads to adjust compression and squish band. Here is a more detailed explanation if you're interested: http://home.earthlink.net/~scloughn/id16.html
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