rear sets for cb750


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i modeled these off of the dunstall design from the 70's. these are for cb750 but can be easily modified to fit a bunch of different bikes
the brake and shift levers are original dunstall parts from ebay and the i fabbed the mounting plates, pillow blocks, and foot pegs (the r/h side folds up to clear the kick start lever)
here they are,
they could be for sale if there was enough interest


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Ayyy! I'm still here!
Thanks for looking, I'm not doing one offs right now.
If there was enough demand I could do a run of twenty or so.
Please let me know if you do! Do you have a build thread for your bike by the way? I'd love to check out some more pictures

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I wasn't very good about documenting every step of my build but I do have a few pics.


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sorry for bad photo quality


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