Rear wheel: 18x2.15 or 19x1.85


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Would using a skinny 19" wheel make that much of a visual difference on my project? I have a spare 19" front wheel and sells the kit to convert it to work as a back wheel. I like the look of the same size wheels, just not too sure if the 1" difference would be worth the $300+ it would cost to get the conversion kit.

I wish someone else made a less expensive kit. I wonder if he'd trade one of my kidneys or half my liver...
If you're building a true flat tracker, then sure, go for it. But if you're building something to ride on the street, then I wouldn't bother going so far. You can put a skinny tire on the rear to make it look a bit more like the front. Run 100's front and rear for example.
Though I actually agree with Tim's advice, here's another suggestion: if you can sell the 18" wheel, it will help to offset the expense of using the 19" wheel in the back. Think about posting an ad in the For Sale forum; if you don't get an acceptable offer, keep the 18" wheel and use it, as Tim has suggested. Of course, you might then want to sell the 19" wheel... just a thought.
Yeah, I'm just gonna keep the 18" wheel in the rear. I had a spare set and already sold the back wheel to a guy on so I'm stuck with this 19" front wheel.
Are we talking the mags or rims/spokes? I laced an 18" stock XS650 shouldered alloy rear rim to my front drum brake hub. I'm running big fat 18" wheels front and back.
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