Rewiring a Pamco ignition


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I just started to hook up my Pamco ignition to my '75 750F. The wiring seems really goofy.

There are six wires in total, grouped into two harnesses. Both triggers are green. Then there's a black ground wire from each board, and a red power wire from each board.

I'm hoping I can just ground the blacks to one of the three plate mounting screws. Splice the reds together and run them out of the case with the two triggers (color keyed with shrink wrap) That way I've reduced the wires to only three which I can wrap neatly.

The plate screws are grounded right?

You can common the ground and power, but the triggers fire at different times, so you need 2 separate trigger wires. You have 2 coils, each one needs it own trigger.

So 4 wires is the minumum....Power, Ground, Trigger1, Trigger 2...

Think like points, 2 separate points, 2 separate triggers
Oh, I know. I'm grounding it inside the cover, on one of the mounting screws. That's how I get to just three out.

Thanks for the reply though
That works. I have the e - advance so I need to run 4 back.

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Sorry to dredge up an old thread but I was wondering if you could provide some details to how you rewired the unit as I am looking to do exactly the same thing myself.

1. Does the unit work fine after you did this mod? Any unexpected issues?
2. Did you simply unbolt each board and associated transistor to desolder and resolder the wires?
3. When bolting the boards back up, is there any risk in getting them mis aligned or is it a case of simply bolting it back together?
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