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Hey guys! Just wanted to start a new thread on my current project. A 1985 CB 450sc (nighthawk). Building a rigid frame bobber, and I'm breaking the mold. Its not too often ...actually ever that I've seen this done with the hawk's rectangular frame, as it is typically the tubular frame. Going jet black everything, with all brass hardware, down to the spoke nipples and cables ends.
I'm down to see how this goes. I have never seen one done proper on a nighthawk yet. I have only ever seen guys just weld some kind of brace from the swing arm to the frame, which just doesn't look right to me.
That's what this guy did that I bought it off of. The bike was 300 bucks, and I thought it was stolen for the longest time. Then I finally got ahold of the original owner for the title. 1100 original miles on it.
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top half on. Still needs to come in a little bit, but the rough shape is there and its welded into place. It was tough to pre fan one because no one else has done it with the nighthawk. So we cut the angles, welded it on, then bent it in. Would've done the bottom half, but tangerine was flavor of the day at the meadows. Nuff said.
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