Rust Revival Spring Thaw 2015 - Official Thread

irk miller

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AgentX said:
On the plus side, I'm sort of hoping to get a gig in Arkansas next, so I'll maybe be in the neighborhood starting summer 2016.
What kind of hopeless life do you need to have to "hope" to get a gig in Arkansas? ???


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Have you noted my current location, lol? I will apparently never leave the developing world, even Stateside.


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Tifun said:
Also, I'm sure you can stay with one of us indy guys on Thursday. We aren't weird. I promise.

I'd be down for that, meet up in Indy Thursday night, then roll to the cabins on Friday?


I remember the days before there was dirt.
Ok you wet-behind-the-ears whippersnappers, the old curmudgeon is haulin' down with his posse. Just reserved a campsite. No sleeping in the van this time. Bringing old Blue with the toy hauler/camper on it, pulling a dual-axle trailer. Two bike in the toy hauler and three on the trailer. Might even throw another one on the front reese hitch mount for good measure. Ard and Tandy staying in the lodge, Ted, Heather, and myself in the camper....has two double beds.


Now alls I got to do is decide on what bike/bikes to bring.

Oh, do people who try the beam climb and fail still get a shot for trying like last year?? If so, I'm in to make another valiant attempt.


Joon-yah said:
It has been rumored that I may be at the thaw with the Mrs.
Great, now Junior is pretending to be me.... What has this world come too


That would be pretty freakin rad if you came sir.


I remember the days before there was dirt.
Hell, yes, you best be there JR. It'll save me on shipping cost for that grinder Santa got you for Xmas!


Junior, you don't want to miss out on the grape fruiting. Again. Not wierd here in indy.


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