Same size tires front and back?


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I am just wondering if anyone does this.

This is for my cb350. I purchased a 110/90-18 Spitfire for the rear and a 100/90-18 for the front, but the front will not be in until the 28th! I was thinking about putting a 110/90 up front before i purchased the 100/90, but decided against it for no reason in particular. I think having both be 110 would look really cool. My main gripe is that I hear turning will be a bit more difficult. Will it be that noticeable? I am not planning on dragging my knees or racing this bike, but if i did i would get different tires anyway.

What do you guys think? Get the 110 or wait for the 100? Is the handling aspect noticeable to make me not like it?
Wait. Your front hoop is way too small for that tire. A 90/90 is closer to what you need anyway. 100/90 will work but it's not the closest.
What Kiley said above. The issue about turning etc is minor compared to the safety issue of too big of a tire on too skinny of a rim, the tire won't seat right and the contact patch gets distorted and it can blow out from overheating etc. To put the bigger Tire on the front you would need to relace a wider hoop first. You can check bridgestones site and see what size rim width is required for the tire you are considering.
That didn't cross my mind! Thanks for pointing that out. The only reason why I thought it would be okay was because I have read some people on here putting that size up front, but I trust an answer specific to my question. Thanks again!
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