Selling my CB350F Cafe Bike - Michigan

Dirty Dan

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I have a build thread here but a lot of the pictures are gone...

350F Cafe/Rat/Whatever you want to call it. Less than 1k on the engine rebuild. New steering stem roller bearing. Newer tires. Was my daily rider last season. Having a real hard time starting it, I'm almost positive it's a coil issue, or some sort of wiring issue. Shouldn't be too hard to get it back on the road, I've just got other projects in mind and I need the space.

Looking for 1,000 OBO

I do have a craigslist ad with some pictures... here's the link:
I think I saw that on craigslist. Charcol gray? If so that would be a good deal for someone, at least that's what I thought when I saw the ad. even if you take it to someone to be fixed it's not going to cost that much. 350F's are hard to come by. yours looked like a really good start on a cafe project, someone else just has to finish up the loose ends.
It's kind of a light olive drab green. Yeah, It's a great start for someone for sure. Like I said it was my daily rider. I love it, I just have other projects in mind so I figured I'd pass it on to someone else who could, Like you said, Finish up the loose ends!
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