Shoutout to TruDisk - rotor resurfacing


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Been thinking about getting my rotor resurfaced and holes drilled for years now. Finally decided to pull the trigger. What an incredible experience! You simply pack it up, ship it over and a few days later you get a PayPal invoice and it get's shipped back. You can pick pretty much any hole design you want, and if you don't want holes drilled he can just resurface.

Tom is awesome, I sent a picture of my CBR600RR rotor and he matched it with the same hole design, the surface (was was around 7.3mm) looks amazing and has tons of life left. For the price, I was blown away by the quality of work and great communication. Would definitely recommend if your rotor needs a little refresh!

Before and after pictures below! Will get some shots of it on the CB360 when it's not raining - cheers all!


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Tru Disk is awesome. Good price, quick turnaround, excellent quality. What more could you ask for?
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