Sidi Crossfires anyone?


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Hey guys, this may not be the best place to be asking this, but I was curious if anyone here runs Sidi Crossfires on the street. I know that the MX and ADV community swear by the things, but I haven't heard much from street riders. Granted, they are marketed as off road boots, but the level of protection seems to be some of the best money can buy.

That being said, if anyone is running these on the street, what do you think of them? The one concern I have is the toebox being too high to comfortably get under the shift lever.


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The SRS model has replaceable soles, and if I remember correctly, they offer a lugged enduro sole, which should provide enough grip. I wouldn't be too worried about the standard TA model sole either. As for ankle flex, it is a hinge system, so it allows flex, but limits hyper-extension. Obviously I don't have any experience with it though.


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Shift levers are meant to be adjusted to fit the rider.
Some adjustments are less .....forceful than others. ;)


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A mate of mine swears by his, he rides a zzr1400 and has no problems but always wears leathers that fit outside the boot.

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