Skyteam Ace Build Database


What I get

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Beyond my understanding!

Whether I click on it directly or copy-and-paste the url, the spreadsheet appears. I can't imagine why you it doesn't work for you.

Works good for me. Just updated all my info with all the new mods. Let's see if I can find some time to detail them in my ace thread.
You can just add yourself. On there. There is no security on the spreadsheet. Just go to the bottom and type in your details on a new line :)

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I have added some tabs to the Ace Database. Follow the link and click on the tabs along the bottom to see what I have added

It is all open for editing so feel free to add to and improve my info

There is a hell of a lot for newbies to trawl through in DTT and facebook, so aiming to put the key hard facts on the database spreadsheet
I just added another tab for part numbers.

I found all the details on DTT posts over time.

Anyone know the honda front wheel spokes and honda wheel bearing part numbers to add to the tab? If so please add them in.

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