small 2 stroke honda h100 cafe and suzuki gp

Hearing you on wanting an RS250 mm, they;re supposed to be very nice bikes. The GB250 has the same engine but more of a cafe style to it so check some parts out if you want to go in that direction.

Awesome buy man - boingk
ok so i started geting parts for the h100 got the rear alloy rim wheel laced and trued ,got a new front end dont no what its from but showa forks with bigger od tubes 31mm new oils , and got the front wheel sorted with some help of some shims and new alloy clipons just sorting out the top tree removed the bar mounts and make it look racey ;D i dont no whats going on with the pics but some are missing




manchestermichael said:
bikes way muddy as my drive way is like a swomp with all the rain we have had but its all nice under it ::)



I see this is a old post ...but i am looking for a H100 speedo /tach Assembly ;D do you have any you want to part with ;)
cheers jim
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