Southeast Vintage Yamaha Rally Sept 22-25, 2017


Been Around the Block
Okay. For real this time. I've got a new job that's Mon-Fri. I think I can do it this year.
If you want a bed, the time to reserve is now. There's always plenty of real estate for camping. I hope you can make it.
So my wife decided that we're going to be in Helen that weekend to visit some friends.
I may! We are taking the bike over there, I stipulated that much. What is the ride schedule like on Sunday? We will be on the way home and I may be able to stop in.
Some may hang at the lodge all day. We had so many bikes last year we had to change our format. Used to be sidestands up at 0930 Sunday. This year, folks will be breaking into their own groups and heading to various destinations. Some may choose not to go anyplace. There is about 90 miles between Helen and the Iron Horse.

Please, come by. I could use an ally here to get more Yamaha cafe racers on board.
john83 said:
I may! We are taking the bike over there, I stipulated that much. What is the ride schedule like on Sunday? We will be on the way home and I may be able to stop in.

Oh no, this is absolutely the worst time of year to be anywhere near Helen. You need to go to the Rally instead!
Lol. We have some friends who have been inviting us to come with them to Oktoberfest for a few years now. I would love to try and stop in on our way home on Sunday though.
If there is still anyone "On the Fence" the Iron Horse has the following still available as of this afternoon:

One(1) Private Room
One(1) Space Remaining in the bunk house.
Plenty of primitive and electric camp sites.

Personally, the private rooms are exceptional! This is a vacation for the wife and I and we enjoy it a great deal. We've stayed in the "Rocky Top" and "Lone Star" those are Hampton Inn quality hotel rooms!

If you're on the fence... GET OFF THE FENCE.... Get that reservation made!

If you have a reservation at the Iron Horse, they will contact you about meals in a couple of days.
If you have no reservation at the Iron Horse, you will need to contact them about your meals a few days before the rally.
Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge
1755 Lower Stecoah Road
Robbinsville, NC 28771
Tele: 828-479-3864
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All those XS's and no mention of the XS500!!!! I can not forgive anyone for that blunder!! Just kidding! My goal is to be relocated to this region by this spring and join the fun next year.
I saw someone riding a TX750 at a recent gathering at TWS in Suches, GA.

Please bring the XS500! I'll post the 2018 event here before the first of the year.
Care to dine at the lodge?

Copy this, one for each person,
then return completed form to
one ticket per person

Name: __________________________________________________ ____ Fri 9/22
Quantity Price Item one ticket per person
$9.50 Pulled Pork with choice of 2 sides & garlic bread
$10.95 Beef Brisket with choice of 2 sides & garlic bread
baked beans
Mac & Cheese
cucumber/onion salad
$1.99 Ice Tea or coffee

Name: __________________________________________________ ____ Saturday 9/23
Quantity Price Item
$18.95 8oz Prime Rib, Salad Bar & Baked Potato R MR M MW W
$22.95 12oz Prime Rib, Salad Bar, & Baked Potato
$14.95 Salmon, Salad Bar & Baked Potato
$7.95 Salad Bar & Baked Potato Potato Choice:
$6.95 Salad Bar Only Regular
$1.99 Ice Tea or coffee Sweet
The following businesses sent their support to the rally:

Yamaha Motor Corporation U.S.

State Farm Insurance
Haggerty Insurance
Summit Racing
Mother's Polishes
Meguiars Polishes

Whenever possible, please support these contributors.


Here's a video presentation with photos 2002-2016.
Run time is about 50 minutes, so grab a beer.
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