Stashing front end electrical bits


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I'm removing the front fairing from a bandit and need to hide a bunch of harness plugs, relays, etc.

I'm thinking to go with an LED headlight. Is it possible to stuff the back of the headlight bucket with wires? Do they run hot (they build em with heat sinks, but they're nice and shallow).
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Sonreir said:
It's possible. A lot of LED headlights take up most of the bucket though.
What are some other options / locations?
I'm making a large under seat tray for most stuff but there are a lot of front end plugs/bulk.
Under the tank tunnel is a popular location. On my CX, I've gone with stuffing most of it just behind the headlight and it's not too bad looking.
I tucked an ABS electrical " hobby box" just behind and slightly lower than the headlight. Black in color, and no worries with headlight heat. Plenty of room to do proper wiring.
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