Surffly's Garage Sale of Rare and Interesting Junk


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That is it, I'm done.
Time to liquidate everything.

Started listing via eBay.

Will do A LOT better for a forum member if they reach out to me here.

If you have seen something I have that you want please feel free to reach out as it all has to go.
Odd, it seems to be working for me.
Im surf_fly69 on eBay, should be fairly easy to find my listings.

LOTS of rare and interesting parts will be listed.
BUNCH of brand new HiPo parts too.

If you are on the hunt for something specific of currently building an engine reach out.
Bunch of stuff sold, but still have WAY TO MUCH left.

ARD Magneto
Dyna 2000
Weber manifold
Mikuni Side draft set up
Adjustable Cam sprocket and HD chain.
FINNED covers! Even the uber rare ones!
APE manual cam chain adjustor
HD Clutch Cush drive upgraded bushings.

OEM Front master cores
OEM Front disk

Starter block off plugs
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