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hi guys. This'll be my first time rattle canning a tank. I plan to do a design in the same color and pattern like the one in the picture (not my tank, obv).

When it comes to striping I usually see folks say lay the lightest color as base, mask with tape and spray new colors up to darkest. So for me that'd be white yellow then black.

But since the white will literally just be that white pinstripe for me, do yall think i could get away with doing yellow base, black and then painting white stripe with a brush and painters tape? Thanks for your advice


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As a professional painter, I would suggest spraying out the entire tank with the gold metallic then clearing it after you get it laid down nicely. You could go reverse the graphics, in which case, I would spray white, layout the tape on that stripe, then spray black. Mask off black area, which will cover the white as well, then lightly sand down the black paint where it will go gold with 500-600 gt. That will get rid of the dirt in the paint that will come back to haunt you in the gold metallic application. Then spray the gold, followed by removing the tape and clearing. I would mention that you will have a greater paint edge on the second method of spraying the graphic first.
On the stock Honda tank, the black/white is a decal over the paint. The decal is still available from a few places.
Perfect. I have a tank on my cb900 that was poorly painted.

82 Honda CB900C is my first attempt of a bike upgrade
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