The furture is now. Can you handle it???


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What happens when u take the bnadass KAWWWWW ZX6 and unleash the BEST??!! Even a great manufacruter like them at Kawasaki Motors LTD coulnt imagine the potential of these killa cycles!

Stand back and use both hands to contain yourself: because the HERE!

Just some teazer shots!


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Haha that's right! innovation you just cant handle. i know its like if I drive a McClaren into 1950 there heads would just EXPLOSDE!!! like with all innovation them the manurfacturers are watching and they will take a cue from our advanced design. its only a matter of time before you see something exacty like this at your local dealers!

Well over $1,800 of machining and finish went into just the frame componetns. The headlight alone is at least a $400 component including the hours of CADing machining and finish. the ratcheting kickstand is prolly the next big thing. no doubt you'll find this at your local biker shop soon once the patents are filed.


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We need to see somebody sitting on it. Ya know, reference for how amazingly comfortable it must be...............
xb33bsa said:
that thing is queerer than a 3 peckerd billy goat :D

Don't talk about brad that way he is sensitive.
You know this.
canyoncarver said:
We need to see somebody sitting on it. Ya know, reference for how amazingly comfortable it must be...............

Hahahaha, that's such an obsollete way of thinking. this isn't necesarily the kind of bike for just "sitting" per se and i wouldn't expect a cookie-cutter cafe rider to fully understand the concept.

I knew I would get some backlash from the masses who just can't understand rolling architecture and the support from the future-orinted guys surely doesnt detract.

If you want a bike like this and dont want to infringe on the patents you will have to wait until this one hits the block at mecum this year.

b tw i accept nominee for bike of the month!


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