THE GREATEST THREAD EVER...(if i could do it again)


"Live life like the captain of a sinking ship"
Realistically we all have a limit of time and money we can put into our bikes. I feel that learning from others mistakes and methods is priceless. If you could do your build over what would you do differently, basically what worked and what didn't??? If I could do it again...
I would not let the insurance on my bike expire while it was still registered. 6 months of registered bike with no insurance... $900 in fines later.

I could have purchased another complete project for that much money.
waiting for rattle can painted parts to fully really impatient.
Not lose my key - causing me to buy another new ignition because replacement keys are "non-existent."

Oh yeah, always remember.... Measure twice and cut once!
Full mock up, and get the bike running well. Then tear into it

Spent a lot of time and money bobbing it and making it look nice, then found a ton of other problems!!! Clutch, 4th gear, rotor...
the usual.

Look into a bike's papework BEFORE investing time/money into the rebuild.

Planning out a realistic budget , THEN doubling it to account for anything and everything.

focusing on mecahnics BEFORE cosmetics

NOT overreaching time/money constraints

full mockup BEFORE finalizing build

the list goes on...
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