The Most Versatile Tool

Angle grinders in HF are dirt cheap. You can beat the shit out of them and throw them away if they break. I have two from HF. One with a cutting disc and one with a sanding wheel. Saves changing.
Thoughts on these (barely any of you guys live near me, so if I find a sweet deal you can't swoop on it! haha):

I don't know anything about these brands.

OOOO what about this, worth checking out??
wow another one:
and another, do people do this a lot, sell ALL their stuff?

Found a nice workbench
haha jk

Seriously, so many tools on craigslist, it's blowin my mind.
Don't be fooled by what may seem like a cheap price. That one angle grinder that is $30 can be purchased at Harbor Freight for $20. They even have a cheaper one for $15.

I have both of those grinders, and they both work find and I have been using them for years, but honestly, the Ryobi angle grinder that I have that was about $65 is head and shoulders superior to the cheap ones I have. I have 4 angle grinders. One with a 6" wire wheel, cutting disk, grinding disk, and flap disk sanding disk. I do a lot of metal work, so having multiple angle grinders makes it quicker that changing disks all the time. I just grab a different tool.
Agreed Alpha. I was comparing my favorite grinder which is a porter cable to a cheapo the other day. Major torque and cutting power in comparison. It is a night and day difference between the tools. But even new my PC was in the $50 range. You'll never get away from the adage that you get what you pay for.
Drill bits....or any steel cutting tool, you definitely don't want to skimp on. Unless you are only working softwoods. If you are smart enough to NOT burn it up by using too high tool speed, a good drill will last 20+ times what a cheep one will. And it will sharpen quicker, when it gets dull.
Step drills are worth their weight in gold for working sheet-metal, they wont grab, spin, or twist the metal like a standard drill bit. (no twist)

This is the best drill and tapping lubricant I have used:
Yeah I didn't realize angle grinders were so affordable...what's your favorite?

For under $100.
This one for 39.99. Can't beat it. Kills my buddy's Craftsman in torque. Built Gretta and is still going.

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Kanticoy said:
This one for 39.99. Can't beat it. Kills my buddy's Craftsman in torque. Built Gretta and is still going
I can vouch for that. It's my craftsman grinder that the porter cable puts to shame.
no one has said this yet, but if you're working on a cb200, you'll need a lot more metric sized hand tools than inch.

I'm usually working on hondas, so i have a big set of metric wrenches and a smaller set of US inch wrenches because i rarely need them (and i can get away with using an adj. wrench if i don't have the right size wrench)
At this stage of build, what will you be doing more of. Working on the mechanical side or the fabrication side. Spend you money on tools that will get used the most often, then when you can afford it, get those tools that you'll use the least.
Wrenches and sockets you cannot have enough, shallow, deep, 1/4" 3/8" even half inch drive. Nothing is worse than looking for a 10mm socket or wrench at 2 am to finish something.
I have at least 4 sets. 2 at home and 2 at my shop.
I'm really surprised no one has made a joke about any of us being tools...industrial strength tools
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